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Opioid Overdose Response Instructions

NARCAN® Nasal Spray is a pure opioid antagonist indicated for emergency use outside of a hospital to reverse known or suspected opioid overdose, as manifested by respiratory and/or severe central nervous system depression.

NARCAN® Nasal Spray can be administered by a bystander (non-healthcare professional) before emergency medical assistance becomes available, but it is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care. Emergency medical assistance (calling 911) should be requested immediately when an opioid overdose is suspected, before administering naloxone.

Important: For use in the nose only
Do not remove or test the NARCAN Nasal Spray until ready to use.

Instructions for Use

1. Identify Opioid Overdose and Check for Response

Ask person if he or she is okay and shout name.
Shake shoulders and firmly rub the middle of their chest.
Check for signs of opioid overdose:
• Will not wake up or respond to your voice or touch
• Breathing is very slow, irregular, or has stopped
• Center part of their eye is very small, sometimes called “pinpoint pupils”
Call 911 and lay the person on their back to receive a dose of NARCAN Nasal Spray

2. Give NARCAN Nasal Spray 

Remove NARCAN Nasal Spray from the box. Do not test the device
Peel back the tab with the circle to open the NARCAN Nasal Spray.

Hold the NARCAN Nasal spray with your thumb on the bottom of the plunger and your first and middle fingers on either side of the nozzle.

Gently insert the tip of the nozzle into either nostril.
Tilt the person’s head back and provide support under the neck with your hand. Gently insert the tip of the nozzle into one nostril, until your fingers on either side of the nozzle are against the bottom of the person’s nose.

Press the plunger firmly to give the dose of NARCAN Nasal Spray.
Remove the NARCAN Nasal Spray from the nostril after giving the dose


3. Call for emergency medical help, Evaluate, and Support

Move the person on their side (recovery position) after giving NARCANNasal Spray. Watch the person closely 
If the person does not respond by waking up, to voice or touch, or breathing normally another dose may be given. NARCAN Nasal Spray may be dosed every 2 to 3 minutes, if available.
Repeat Step 2 using a new NARCAN Nasal Spray to give another dose in the other nostril. If additional NARCAN Nasal Sprays are available, repeat step 2 every 2 to 3 minutes until the person responds or emergency medical help is received. every 2 to

Download Instructions

Link to Narcan Training Video

Harm reduction Supplies and Services

County of Nevada:
Offering  free, anonymous distribution of Naloxone and fentanyl test strips.
Call or Text
Public Heatlh: (530) 388-6364
Behavioral Health: Western County/Grass Valley: (530)687-2295
Behavioral Health: Eastern County/Truckee: (530) 913-4467

Granite Wellness Centers:
Naloxone and fetanyl test strips are available for the general public while supplies last
Grass Valley – (530) 273-9541
Truckee – (530) 587-8194
Auburn – (530) 885-1961
Lincoln – (916) 434-8927
Nevada City – (530) 273-9542
Roseville – (916) 782-3737

Local pharmacies have Naloxone available for purchase without a prescription.

Harm Reduction Services of Sacramento:
Harm reduction services and supplies including syringe exchange, overdose prevention, naloxone training and more.
2800 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento
M-F 12-6
(916) 456-4894

Fentanyl Alert

Fentanyl and its analogs are highly potent synthetic opioids many times stronger than heroin. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from unknowingly ingesting fentanyl-contaminated drugs. Today, illicitly-purchased opioids – including counterfeit pharmaceutical pills like oxycodone – almost always contain fentanyl.

As of late 2022, the main non-opioid drugs being contaminated with fentanyl are cocaine, meth, and counterfeit pharmaceuticals like Xanax. We have recently received increasing reports of fentanyl-contaminated ketamine, MDMA, and other drugs.

Overdose Deaths Rising!
Call 911 if you suspect Overdose!

– Fentanyl is toxic in small amounts and can kill in minutes
– Local overdoses linked to heroin and fake Rx pills laced with fentanyl
– Counterfeit pills – can’t tell the real from fake
– Unable to be detected by look, smell or taste

Overdose know the signs:
– Not breathing/ loud snoring
– Won’t respond to firm chest rub
– Blue lips & fingertips

Save a Life:
– Call 911!
– Give Naloxone
– Do CPR, wait for help to arrive

Reduce Risk:
– Don’t take RX pills that are not prescribed to you
– Carry Naloxone
– Test strips to detect Fentanyl in drug supplies are available

No matter what drug you consume, it is always best to TEST BEFORE YOU INGEST.

Fentanyl Test Strips

Fentanyl test strips (FTS) are a low-cost method of helping prevent drug overdoses and reducing harm. FTS are small strips of paper that can detect the presence of fentanyl in all different kinds of drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, etc.) and drug forms (pills, powder, and injectables).1 FTS provide people who use drugs and communities with important information about fentanyl in the illicit drug supply so they can take steps to reduce risk of overdose


Instructions for Use

1. Crush and shake your drugs, and then put a small amount (at least 10mg) of your drugs aside in a clean, dry container.
2. Dilute your drugs Add water to the container and mix together.
Please note: For most drugs, you need ½ teaspoon of water. If you are testing methamphetamines, use 1 full teaspoon.

  • If you are injecting, first prepare your shot. Next, add ten drops of water to your cooker and stir well.
  • If you are snorting your drugs, add ten drops of water into the empty baggie that your drugs came in and mix well.
  • If you are using pills, you can crush one in an empty baggie and then dump out the powder. Then add ten drops of water into the baggie and mix well.

3. Stir and Test Place the wavy end of the test strip down in the water and let it absorb for about 15 seconds.
4. Interpreting the results Take the strip out of the water and place it on a flat surface for 2 to 5 minutes.

If you have a positive test it is much safer to discard the batch. Using it could kill you. Illicitly manufactured fentanyl is extremely potent and can be deadly. But if you are going to use it it is important to have naloxone with you and to use with someone who isn’t using at the same time as you. If you overdose, they can call 911 and give you naloxone.

If you have a negative test you still need to be careful. Your drugs may still be mixed with fentanyl or mixed with something else that the strips cannot find. Fentanyl might not be everywhere in your drugs and your test might miss it.

Invalid results: A single pink line on the right-hand side or no lines at all, indicates an invalid test. If you get an invalid result, test your drugs again using a new strip.

Go Slow! Start by using a little bit and wait for 20 seconds to see how strong it is. If it feels off, be careful — consider not using it or taking less. Be sure someone with you has naloxone.


Q&A from Virtual Town Hall

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Fentanyl Test Strip Instructions


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