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Child Development

Granite Wellness Centers child development program is designed to support young children whose parent or parents (usually a single mother) are in treatment for a substance use disorder. The program provides quality care and a nurturing, safe and loving environment for young children. Little ones in our program find security (they have often lacked), nurturing, and fun. For children ages 7-12, Granite Wellness Programs offer educational support groups to help them to understand addiction and how to make healthier choices for themselves. The program also provides opportunities for parents to engage with their children, and learn developmentally appropriate practices. Learn more about Child Development

The Parent Project

The Parent Project is a 10-week program (2.0 hours – 1 night, per week) that provides parents with concrete, straightforward, step-by-step solutions for their teens. This practical, supportive class helps parents with teens experiencing failing grades, school suspension, oppositional behavior, drug use, and other challenging behaviors. Learn More About The Parent Project

PLEAG – Parent Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy Group

The Parent Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy Group (PLEAG) offers an opportunity to come together for interesting topics, meet and develop friendships with other parents, and have fun with your children.  Evenings include a no-cost meal. PLEAG is a chance for parents to express their needs as parents for long-term success, especially after exiting systems and programs of care.

The Children’s Program

The Granite Wellness Children’s Program is modeled after Betty Ford’s research-proven support program children of addicts ages 7 – 15 to stay healthy and safe. Free and open to any child impacted by substance use of a family member.

Parenting Classes

This year-long parenting class supports all families, including those who are required by the court to complete a 52-week parenting program.
Class covers:parenting3

  • Cycle of Violence
  • Effects of Abuse
  • Stress Management
  • Expressing Anger
  • Understanding children
  • Managing Conflict
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Developing Family Values
  • Putting Concepts into Action
  • Learn More about Parenting Classes

Family Intervention Services

Our Family Intervention Services assist families with the process needed to intervene on negative family behaviors. Granite Wellness has certified interventionist on staff to provide couples, families, and individuals with consultation and hands-on interventions.

The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years Parents of infants and toddlers program helps parents and caregivers learn about this magical time. You’ll learn:

  • How to observe and read infant and toddlers’ cues and signals!
  • Understanding babies as intelligent learners
  • Ways to provide physical and tactile stimulation for infants and toddlers and its importance for brain development.
  • Why finding time for yourself to renew energy for parenting is so important.
  • Understanding the development of object and person permanence and more!
  • Learn More About The Incredible Years

Individual Parent Guidance

As a Granite Wellness Centers client, you will have access to individual parenting support with a child development specialist.  Learning about parenting skills, child development assessments, and tools to help you.

Family Recovery Education Series (FRES)

Please join us and invite others!  The Family Recovery Education Series is open to anyone interested in learning more about addiction and recovery and healing for the whole family. This educational series happens weekly and is now being hosted a few of our locations. For upcoming classes visit our Calendar of Events.

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