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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote wellness and quality of life.

Granite Wellness in the Community

Granite Wellness is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to promote wellness and quality of life. Granite Wellness has been saving and improving lives through substance abuse treatment and mental health services since 1974. Growing over the years to meet the needs of the community, Granite Wellness now provides a full range of programs throughout Northern California communities in Placer and Nevada Counties. All of our programs have a primary focus on the family system.


What Recovery Means To Us

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Our definition of recovery includes the resolution of alcohol and other drug problems, the progressive establishment of a meaningful sense of identity, improvement of overall physical and mental health, maintenance of healthy relationships, and increased life purpose.

Our Philosophy of Recovery and Wellness

Granite Wellness embraces a whole-person approach in treating substance abuse, related addictions and associated behavioral issues with a primary focus on the family system. This holistic approach to recovery and wellness means offering our clients a full range of services to support complete and enduring recovery. We offer a high quality, structured, personalized array of services to each client, and their family. In collaboration with each client, an individualized treatment and wellness plan is developed to create the greatest opportunity for success.

Our Commitment to Client Safety

Granite Wellness is committed to the safety of all participants in our programs to ensure the best possible outcomes. Granite Wellness is focused on client-centered quality care, enhancing health and client safety and improving access to programs and services.

Granite Wellness encourages staff and clients to report any potential safety concerns, including facilities issues, unsafe behavior from other clients/patients, and inappropriate behavior by Granite Wellness staff members.

Granite Wellness maintains clear policies to address allegations, and treats allegations and reports of safety and security breaches very seriously.  Investigation is immediate and breaches are addressed swiftly. This includes notifying licensing and certifying entities as appropriate.

Allegations of ethical or legal breaches by licensed or certified staff are reported by Granite Wellness to the Department of Healthcare Services for investigation. For Drug and Alcohol counselors, suspected violations of the California Uniform Code of Conduct are reported to their certifying entity; for therapists, suspected violations are reported to California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Concerns of safety or ethics breaches of any kind may be reported at any time to the Corporate Compliance Officer at 530-273-9541 x500 or info@corr.us.

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