A safe place for men, women & their children

Our goal is to provide a safe place where men, women & their children can begin their journey in recovery. Our research has taught us that treating the whole family greatly improves successful recovery outcomes.

Inpatient Services

Begin your journey to recovery and wellness at Hope House, Serenity House, or Auburn Residential.

Granite Wellness Centers’ residential programs provide a highly structured and supportive environment facilitated by a multi-disciplinary staff of certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensed therapists, social workers, and medical staff.

Services are based upon the needs of the individual with availability varied depending on location. Programs for  30-90 days may include, individual psychotherapy, recreation, exercise, nutritional planning, individual and group counseling, case management services, and health services.

Hope House is designed to support children 0-12 years old to stay with their mothers. Not all services are available at all locations. Please ask us what services are available at your preferred location.

What to Bring


Who is this Program for?

Men, and Women who are pregnant, parenting, or single. With or without children ages 0-12

What does it consist of?

  • A minimum of 30 days, length determined by need
  • Includes both individual and group counseling
  • Includes individual psychotherapy
  • Recreation and exercise
  • Case management services which enhance success
    and health.

What is the staff like?

Our team of licensed and certified professionals has decades of experience to assist you and your family in achieving recovery.

How do I get in?

Call us to schedule a screening appointment and we will explain the whole program to you.

Is there a cost?

Yes, there is a monthly fee. There are also other funding options we can discuss with you if you need assistance.

Intake & Assessment

During your intake we will; complete a comprehensive assessment of your needs pertaining to substance abuse issues, give you a professional recommendation and partner with you to develop a course of action which will lead to a healthier family.

Treatment & Discharge planning

Together with trained professionals, each client works in unison to create and maintain a treatment plan to support a life free from substance abuse. In addition, emphasis is also put on planning for what you will do once you have left Hope House and begun your new life.

Individual and Group Sessions

At Hope House, South Placer, and Serenity House, you will partake in an individual combination of up to 30hrs a week of structured counseling and therapy.

Ancillary Services

In CoRR’s residential programs, you will have access to parenting, life-skills, anger management, money management, and literacy classes to enhance your treatment experience.

Exercise & Nutrition & Health

All 3 are essential to your overall success. At Hope House, Serenity House, and South Placer, you will find daily access to a local exercise facility, a nutrition plan developed for you, and access to an M.D. to review your current health status.

Child Care & Transportation

Child Care is co-operatively provided by clients and staff. Transportation is arranged for you to make all pertinent appointments.
We facilitate creative and practical solutions to relationship, personal, and occupational concerns and believe that counseling and psychotherapy are about offering practical skills and tools to help people negotiate life’s trials and barriers. We offer non-judgmental and caring support, insight, and information.

Some of the issues we address are:

  • drug and/or alcohol use
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mental illness
  • relationship struggles
  • parenting concerns
  • family issues
  • sexual/emotional abuse
  • anger management
  • grief and loss issues
  • trauma issues

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Call Granite Wellness Centers to talk with our caring staff and to learn more about our Inpatient Services.

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