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A New Way

A New Way is a 52-week curriculum offered by Granite Wellness Centers and delivered by certified instructors in both Placer and Nevada Counties. The program specifically addresses patterns of abuse and control.

The bottom line is that abuse and control hurt you and the people who love you.

This program gives individuals the opportunity to look at and change destructive behavior. If these behaviors and attitudes do not change, they will continue to create problems for you and others in your life. Eventually, they will destroy the relationships that are most important.  The program offers new ideas, attitudes, and skills for day to day living.

Participants are encouraged to look at this program as a learning experience rather than “have to”. Most people have not had the chance to learn about the negative aspects of abuse and control. For men, the primary places men learn about these issues are in the families in which they grew up, through their other childhood experiences, and through societal messages about what it means to be a “real” man. People who grow up in a disrespectful, abusive, and shaming family or neighborhood, may learn things about anger, abuse, and control frequently that are not helpful or healthy for the individual or those around them.

Participants are encouraged to truly believe that they can change attitudes and behaviors related to anger, abuse, and control. The vast majority of men who enter the program have struggled with these issues throughout their lives. Some men have even attended other classes, groups, and programs. Without a belief that true change is possible, all the suggestions, ideas, and tools are less effective. The program encourages visualizing  “a different you” in regard to behaviors that come from the desire to be controlling and abusive.

Program Philosophy

A New Way Program’s philosophy regarding intervention with domestic violence offenders is that the safety and well being of the victim and children is the primary concern. The program offers an alternative to violence and abuse through intervention, counseling and support.

The goal of A New Way is the alleviation of domestic violence and its effects on our families, our communities and our future. The program uses different techniques, exercises, and discussions to assure that the batterer gains no further power to abuse their partners or families. The children and partners safety are at the center of every procedure and practice.

The A New Way program works closely with the criminal justice agencies, community involvement, and collaboration with local domestic violence resource agencies. This collaboration assures that the offenders are held accountable and are given access to as many resources as possible, in order to end the cycle of power and abuse that they are perpetuating.

The A New Way program recognizes that we can’t work in isolation with the offenders, but are part of a comprehensive community plan of action to end abuse.

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